Текстурированные включения (пульпа/целлсы/кусочки)

Текстурированные влкючения часто содержат кусочки или куски фактических фруктов, таких как апельсины и ананасы, которые придают особую изюминку фруктовому соку. Как правило, любые включения получают путем тщательного отбора и нарезание фруктов для придания однородности по размеру и целостности.

Gat Foods is an international beverage and beverage raw materials company and Israel's largest producer of juices, beverages and concentrates for their preparation. The enterprise processes from 150 to 200 thousand tons of citrus fruits per year (over 40% of the market). The company not only produces juices and ready-to-drink drinks, but also concentrates, which are sold for export in more than 50 countries around the world. Raw materials are grown on our own plantations in compliance with all norms and standards, which ensures a consistently high level of quality of finished products.

       Unique Technological Proposal

·         100% pure concentrates produced in places where fruits grow according to the optimal technology from the pulp of ripe selected fruits.

·         A wide range of raw materials and ready-made solutions: berry concentrates, tropical fruits and original mixes, incl. for HoReCa.

·         Modern concentration methods with maximum preservation of natural flavonoids, essential oils and pectin.

Different fruits produce different amounts of concentrated juice. So, for example, from 1000 kg of oranges, about 100 kg of concentrated juice with 62 ° Brix is ​​obtained, i.e. to obtain 1000 kg of concentrated juice with the specified content of soluble solids, 10 tons of oranges are required. To obtain 1000 kg of concentrated pineapple juice with 62 ° Brix, a similar amount of fruit is used. The yield of concentrated apple juice is higher and is usually 1340 kg (70 ° Brix) per 10 tons of apples.

Reconstituted juice is made from concentrated juice by restoring the proportion of water in it to the level of soluble solids provided for in regulatory documents (therefore, the recovered juice must be 100%).

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