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The company Givaudan - the Swiss company , a world leader in the production of a wide range of flavors and fragrances, for perfumery industry, cosmetics and household chemistry. Headquarters is in Vernier, Switzerland.
Company’s flavorists create flavors for beverage production, confectionery, dairy products, meat and other sectors of the food industry. Also, they are engaged in the development of complex systems for food industry, such as the reduction of salt and sugar content in the products.
Company’s perfumers are engaged in creating of perfumery compositions for air freshener, detergents, powdered detergents and other ingredients for washing, home fragrances, as well as «high perfumery» for the world's leading brands.
Official site - www.givaudan.com
The company DSM was founded in 1902. The company's production is concentrated in chemical industry and pharmaceutics, food industry and agriculture.
The company DSM actively operates in the field of ingredients for such industries as food processing, pharmaceutical, finishing materials and industrial chemistry. The company creates innovative products and services that help to improve the quality of life.
The products of the Company DSM is widely used and applied in the markets of finished-products, such as nutrition, human and animal health, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, automotive and machinery, covering rubber, construction, electricity and electronics.
The DSM strategy is called «Vision 2010 – basing on the Achievements » pays attention to the accelerating growth of innovation and profit, coming from the «special» range of the company. Market growth, innovation and presence in developing countries are the basis of this strategy.
Annual sales of the group is more than 8 billion euros and more than 22 thousand people around the world are working for the company. The company DSM occupies the leading positions in the world in many spheres of its activity.
The headquarters of the DSM is located in the city of Delft (the Netherlands), offices are located in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.
Official site - www.dsm.com
The Company Cargill, Inc. is an American food company.
The headquarters is in the city Minetonka, Minnesota. It was founded in 1865.
The company Cargill is a private company owned by families Cargill and McMillan (for the year 2005 and the year 2008 is the largest private company of the USA).
The Company Cargill Inc. - one of the world's largest private companies, investing in food production. The company operates in 68 countries of the world. The company is engaged in sales of grain, oil, sugar, cocoa products, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, etc. In addition, the company is major producer of agricultural products.
The total number of staff - 159 thousand people. The sales volume according to the fiscal year 2009 was  $ 116.6 billion (for the previous year - $120,4 billion), net profit - $3.3 billion ($4.0 billion), cash flow and operations $6.7 billion ($7.0 billion).

Today Cargill private company has representative offices in 66 countries of the world.


Official site — www.cargill.com



The company Hydrosol - professionals in the field of stabilization
The specialists of the company Hydrosol develop stabilizing and emulsifying systems for dairy products, ice cream, delicious food, ready meals, meat and sausage products, as well as the full compounds for delicacy products and desserts taking into account the individual needs of customers.
Due to the great work interest and the know-how, the company Hydrosol became a prominent competent center in the field of development of stabilizers and emulsifying agents for various sectors of food industry. We know all of the properties of each  separate stabilizer and every single emulsifier, considering all this we create a functional system of synergy, which fully meet the requirements of the customer.
Hydrosol is a group of companies Stern Wywiol. Ten companies - one philosophy.
The key company of the Corporation STERN Wywiol (Germany), turnover of more than 250 million. Euros per year.
The production area in  Wittenburg, the production volume  40 000 tons per year.
Technology centre in Arensburg, research, development and testing on pilot plants.
Production capacity in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), the office in Synergie (Singapore)
The ultra-modern production in the city. Wittenburg - innovative stabilising systems for the dairy, oil and fat, meat and other sectors of food industry.
The rich possibilities of interdisciplinary thinking for the experience exchange.
Development of individual and innovative solutions. Partnership cooperation in the field of scientific developments.
Official site - www.hydrosol.de
The company Tetra Pak
The company Tetra Pak - a world leader in the production of equipment and packaging.
Sales volume of Tetra Pak in 2006 was 8.533 billion euros.
70% of the world's ice-cream manufacturers use equipment of Tetra Pak company.
The company Tetra Pak, having studied the world experience of ice cream  production, along with the corporation Cargill developed stabilizers series «Lux».
Official site - www.tetrapak.com
Company Backaldrin
The company "Bakaldrin" is a leading manufacturer of ingredients for baking and confectionery industry in the Austrian market, the company also successfully operates in more than 80 countries. "Bakaldrin" was founded in 1964 as a family business and is now headed by its only  owner. In the world of baking "Bakaldrin" is known as the inventor of the brand Kornshpits, the most successful product in Europe. "House of Bread", the headquarters of “ Bakaldrin " is located in Asten, near Linz.
The company offers more than 400 items for mini-bakeries, and the largest bread-baking plants around the world. The product range includes high-quality improvers for flour and bread, special premixes for bread and confectionery products, spices, natural products, as well as a wide range of flavors and fillings. Most of the products are manufactured in the Austrian town of Asten, as well as, starting from 2006,  in the Jordanian capital Amman. The Jordanian production centre aims to provide the Arab countries of the Middle East and the African continent. The company « Bakaldrin » offers its customers a universal service - from new product development to support in the realization, in the House of bread also are held seminars and training. In addition, our customers benefirt from the sales of such successful brands as Kornshpits and Purple.
Official site - www.backaldrin.com
The company Archer Daniels Midland, one of the largest agricultural companies. We are an important link between the farmers and the consumers. We process the crop and produce from it, food additives, feed additives for animals, fuel and natural substitutes of industrial chemicals.
The administrative division includes activities the production of agricultural products and work with consumers on 6 continents, including transportation and financing.
The head office is located in the State of Illinois, has to 30,000 employees, more than 265 factories - manufacturers, and the total volume of sales at the end of June 2011 was 81 billion dollars
Official site - www.adm.com
The Company Agarpac
The company AGARPAC® is the manufacturer of food agar-agar, which is derived from algae Gracilaria in Chile. Only in the climatic conditions of Chile, it is possible to get agar with ultra high strength properties of the gel.
Cleaning and processing of agar «CHILITO» is realized on its own production facilities in the place that allows to preserve better native properties of algae, which provides the unique characteristics of the finished product - agar
All food products AGARPAC® correspond to the standards ISO 9001:2000, have certificates of Halal and Kosher.
Official site - www.agarpac.com
The Company Purac
CSM Biochemicals is a division of the CSM and is acting on the market under the name of PURAC.
The head company, the CSM, is widely known as operating on the market of production, development and sale of food ingredients, as well as confectionery products. CSM is included in the list of companies, represented on the Euronext stock exchange in Amsterdam. CSM has a leading positions in the world on ingredients for baking, sugar, lactic acid and its derivatives, gluconic acid and its derivatives.
Main products: lactic acid and lactats (salt of lactic acid), gluconic acid and gluconates (salts of gluconic acid), biomaterials based on lactic acid and polyols.
PURAC is the world leader on the market of lactic acid and its derivatives and one of the largest suppliers of gluconates .
Products of PURAC have a wide application in various spheres of different branches of industry. Main markets: food products, pharmaceuticals, medicine, cosmetics, veterinary medicine and chemical production.
Official site - www.purac.com
C.E. Roeper is a supplier of natural raw materials from 1891.
Our business is based on the following principles​
  • a large volume of natural raw materials 
  • Express delivery, due to the large area of our warehouses (6,600м2) 
  • specificity of trade and product knowledge 
  • well-established business relations with manufacturers 
  • highly professional management
Official site – www.roeper.de
The company Riken Vitamin is one of the world leaders in the production of emulsifiers for food products and chemical industry. At present time the company produces in its factories in Japan and Malaysia, more than 50 000 tonnes of emulsifiers per year and takes the first place in the world on production of distilled monohlycerides.
  • The company was founded on August 27, 1949
  • Headquarters is located in Japan, city of Tokyo
  • The company's turnover: ¥2.537 billion approximately 2.8 billion US dollars
Official site of the company: www.rikenvitamin.jp
The company GATFOODS is an international company active in the production of beverages and raw materials for their production. “Gat foods” produces juices, concentrated juices and a wide range of other components. The company also offers products for drinking water dispensers.
The company was established in 1942 in the heart of the Israeli citrus orchards. One of the main principles of the company - to listen carefully to the needs of the customers and provide them with personalized service, taking into account their real needs.
  • The total number of the staff - more than 300 people
  • 70% of the income  are received from the sale of concentrates and juice bases
The company «Gat Foods» - is participant of the world business segment (B2B), as well as the owner of the brand «Prigat», which took leading positions on the markets of many countries, due to the fact that «Gat Foods» is at the forefront of the global and local trends and innovations in the field of beverages.
Official site - www.gatfoods.com
The company CP Kelco (HM Huber) - the innovative leader on the world market of food hydrocolloids, which specializes in the field of natural ingredients, concentrating all its efforts on pectin, Carrageenans, Carob tree gum, Xanthane, Gellan and fine whey protein concentrate. This approach combined with a careful selection and the strict control of raw materials (citrus squeezings, biopolymers, algae and whey) allowed CP Kelco to become a world leader in the manufacture and supply of the products of this sphere.
Official site  -  www.cpkelco.com
The company EURORESOURCE - being the largest producer and supplier of dyes - the company strives to be an expert in the field of food dyes, thoroughly studying this direction. The company believes that its key competence is in innovative development of natural food dye. The absolute priority of quality is the main principle, which directs  the company, starting from the purchase of raw materials, selection of suppliers and ending with the monitoring of the production process with constant quality control.
Official site - www.eco-resource.ru
The company AVEBE (the Netherlands) - the world's largest producer of potato starch and its derivatives with food and technical purposes. The range of the company includes more than 200 names of modified starches, dextrins, maltodextrins.

Produces 700,000 tonnes of starch and starch derivatives per year. Production facilities and research centers in Germany, Holland, Sweden and Turkey. A world leader in research and development, as well as innovations in the field of potato starch and its derivatives.

Official site - www.avebe.com
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