Department of Combined Fodder

  Le Gouessant Cooperative was founded in 1954 and became in 50 years the true Animal Nutrition Specialist in France with a production capacity of 900 000T in 7 factories.
  One factory is dedicated to extruded aquafeed and now exports 50% of its production outside France.


  From raw materials selection, up to distribution at customer's place, every step is subject to stringent quality controls according to HACCP method, allowing a complete traceability of each batch. Controls and analysis are carried out within own laboratory. The production site is following Compound Feed Good Manufacturing Practice standard and the quality management system is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
  Research and development projects are carried through external cooperation and in partnership with renowned institutes (INRA, IFREMER...). They are bound to find rapidly direct applications in feed after successful trials in breeding farms in France, especially for trouts and sturgeons. Knowledge and experience also applies to catfish, salmon, sea bass, seabream and shrimps,
Experienced nutritionists, skilled veterinarians and talented technicians are available to elaborate and deliver tailor made solutions through Eurosnab technical and logistical networks throughout Russia.


  Le Gouessant aquafeed range is GMO free and covers broodstock feed, hatchery and starter feed, as well as grower's feed in numerous size and floatation.
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