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Welcome to the Department of savoury products!
The industry of savoury products is one of the most fundamental in the food set. The range of meat and fat-and-oil products together with  cooking products is determinative on food market, therefore, it is a powerful factor in the struggle for the consumer. One of the main requirements from the part of consumers to the product is stable quality. Many good brands at first had a high quality, and then when the same quality starts to decline, as a result it causes a decline in sales. Thus, an important factor, which increases the amount of sales of meat gastronomy products – is the stability of quality
The main role of ingredients in the manufacture of savoury products –is the formation of taste, to provide stable consistency and increase the shelf life.
Introducing the world's leaders in manufacturing food ingredients, we strive to offer the best in matters of taste, flavor and consistency, offering many years experience of leading manufacturers. High quality raw materials and ingredients from world manufacturers - the key to success and stability on the market.
We offer a wide range of raw materials and ingredients that improve the organoleptic properties, prolong the shelf life, stabilize the characteristics of meat, sausage products, mayonnaises, sauces, margarines and other savoury products.
Information support of customers includes regular theme seminars,  advanced trainings at the enterprises of our partners as well as the selection of appropriate technologies and ingredients, with the purpose of further optimization of production process.
Integrated technological support helps to introduce into the production  new technologies and innovative products, to select correctly the formulations for existing equipment and raw materials.
We also provide marketing support in the development of new products or in the change of existing formulations. To reduce the risks, existing  in any project of new products development (replacing the ingredient in the recipe) and increasing the probability of success of new products on the market, we regularly carry out marketing research of consumer preferences, international and native trends.
We are glad to present you the range of raw materials and ingredients for the production of a wide range of savoury products. We do not just offer quality ingredients, but integrated manufacturing solutions, ready-to-introduce at your enterprise
Savoury products:
  • Fat-and-oil products (Margarines, spreads, butter)
  • Mayonnaise, sauces, ketchups, dressings
  • Meat processing, delicatessen
  • Sausages
  • Semi-finished products
  • Soups, broths of fast preparation
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