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Development of the consumer market of confectionery goods and other sweet products determines the status of confectionery sector of food ingredients: raw materials, additives, concentrates, semi-finished products. It is confectionery industry that dynamically modifies after the changes in social sphere. So, for example, volumes sweets consumption increased significantly in a number of related sectors - traditionally regarded a separate independent sectors of food industry such as the production of dairy products, snack and confectionary products. There is a steady increase in consumption of ice-cream, refrigerated dairy desserts, cocktails, milk-whey drinks, the usual fruit cans and    preserves, as well as a new direction - sweet semi-finished products and concentrates.
Manufacturers are surely aware that to produce demanded high-quality products is impossible without necessary raw-material base and food ingredients
High-quality raw materials and ingredients are crucial success factor of the product in the market. It is equally important for both manufacturer and consumer. Our products meet the highest international standards in the field of ingredients and complex solutions in the sphere of bread-baking and confectionary production. Our experience guarantees obtaining integrated solutions, ensuring high quality of final product. A huge range of ingredients allows to produce the great amount of consumed products.
Experienced technologists are ready to give technological advice in any time convenient for you, to visit your company and make a demonstrative trial manufacturing of product samples. Technologists also held consultations for technologists and bakers of enterprises, revealing the peculiarities of the products and ingredients, as well as their proper use. Our customers work with us because we offer a wide range of services, which can not provide other suppliers.
The range of goods is constantly renewed  with new ingredients and packet offer.
We present you a wide range of ingredients for the manufacture of confectionary products of world manufacturers - leaders in its segment.
Confectionary products:
  • Sugar confectionery products
  • Pastry products
  • Chocolate
  • Bakery products
  • Chewing gum
  • Dairy sector
  • Ice cream
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