Department of beverages

Департамент напиточных изделий
Dear cutomers, partners and friends!
Welcome to the Department of beverage products.
On the market there is a large number of food ingredients, that have a direct impact on the consumer’s qualities of final product and can provide it with unique characteristics. Food flavors significantly improve the flavor properties of juice and beverage products, and can become the basis for their differentiation and positioning, increase the value, attract new specific audience, increase frequency of purchases. Without changing principles of technological process, you can create new successful products or a product line.
In our assortment – we have a wide range of raw materials and ingredients with strong consumer qualities (flavors, emulsions, concentrated juices, natural dyes, etc.), and functional ingredients, not visible to final consumer, but necessary for the manufacturer who is interested in the improvement of the rheological properties of the products, increasing their shelf-life, etc. (glucose syrup, dextrose, lactic acid, potassium sorbate and many others).
Introducing the world's leaders in manufacturing food ingredients, we strive to offer the best in matters of taste, aroma and consistency, offering many years experience of leading manufacturers. High quality raw materials and ingredients from world manufacturers - the key to success and stability on the market.
We not only offer quality ingredients, but integrated manufacturing solutions, ready to  be introduced into the concept, we are also ready to help you with the development of new formulations, technological assistance in the creation of innovative products.
Our technologists – are highly skilled specialists, who regularly attend advanced training in technological centers and application laboratories of the company Givaudan.
Our team of professionals, managers, marketers and technologists, having huge experience and profound knowledge in the field of production of beverage products, is always ready to offer assistance and support in providing marketing information (analysis and trends in the market of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Europe), to develop and introduce new products - trends in the world food market.
We present you a wide range of ingredients for the production of beverage products of world manufacturers - leaders in its segment.


Beverage products:
  • Soft drinks
  • Juices and nectars
  • Tea and juice-containing drinks
  • Kvass and fruit drinks
  • Functional drinks
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