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20 июня «Евроснаб» отметил 9 лет со дня основания компании! Это не так много, но за это время мы смогли добиться ярких побед.
26.07.2011 Continuous improvement and training
In July 2011, technologists of the company «EUROSNAB» Valeeva Isana, Hwang Irina and Artem Beketov together with the regional Manager Elchin Chalishkan visited the Center of Applied Developments of the company «Givaudan» in Vienna (Austria). The delegation was received by  Tino Roller.
The center of applied developments of the company «Givaudan» in the region of Eastern and Central Europe and Asia is engaged into the creation and application of flavors for the food, confectionery departments, dairy products, beverages, juices and leaf tea. The purpose of the visit was the training of technologists of the company «EUROSNAB», acquaintance with the latest developments in the field of food flavorings and work on joint projects, in the course of which the specialists of the Centre have noted a high level of training of our employees
As it is known, the company Givaudan» -is a world leader in the production of food flavorings. Stuff in the flavor sector create fragrances and compositions, and technologists developers create flavors and adapt their use for the production of beverages, confectionery, dairy products, meat-process and other segments of food industry. Also, they are engaged in the development of complex systems for food industry, such as the reduction of salt content in the products, decrease the amount of sugar. The idea of joint projects consists in the creation of new food flavorings and VADes taking into account the local tastes and traditions of the national cuisine.

Skilled technologists of «EUROSNAB» will help to choose an individual collection and ready technological solutions, using the experience and competence of our European partners - the strongest team of the company «GIVAUDAN».