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  6 апреля 2016 года в городе Андижан специалистами компаний ORGANIC FOOD и EUROSNAB был проведён семинар на тему «ДЕНЬ МОРОЖЕНОГО»...
20 июня «Евроснаб» отметил 9 лет со дня основания компании! Это не так много, но за это время мы смогли добиться ярких побед.
23.09.2011 New opportunities for working with customers.
Last year in September, the company EUROSNAB announced the opening of applied center for working with clients.
From the moment of its opening the main purpose of the technologists was the development of new formulations and their adaptation to local conditions of food production, becoming a kind of thread from  suppliers of food ingredients to the inland manufacturers of food industry.

The company EUROSNAB continues its dynamic development and creates all the conditions for more comfortable and effective work, increasing the potential and possibilities for the development of new formulations  in the bread-baking as well.