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14.10.2011 Summer taste innovation
To the beginning of the summer season the group of companies «Galaxy» (Russia) released  on the market a lightweight and useful drink, which can easily  quench the thirst: Whey&Juice «milk Time».
For today there are two tastes of Whey &Juice «Milk Time»: «the orange-carrot» and «tropical fruits.»
Whey juice drink «Milk Time» is prepared on the basis of two useful natural components: Whey and fruit juice. Whey&Juice is ideal for dietetic nutrition, its fat content 0%, it contains all the necessary elements of a healthy diet: protein, lactose, and minerals and a complex of vitamins (A, B6, D3 and E).
The novelty is made on the dairy industrial complex «Galaktika» in the city of Gatchina, Leningrad region. Convenient packing of a mini-form Tetra Top of 300 grams is perfect for individual consumption.
Director on marketing of group of companies «Galaktika» Nikita Volkov believes that the whey with juice is promising to be the innovative product: «Buyers perceive drinks on the basis of wheys, milk, yoghurt as useful for health, suitable for a diet and active lifestyle. Whey&Juice «Milk Time» - is a great alternative to artificial soft drinks. Last year due to the hot weather, the demand for whey juice-containing beverages exceeded the supply, we hope, for the growth of sales this year as well»

If You are interested in the production of this product, technologists of "EUROSNAB" will help you with the selection of formulation, components and will give recommendations concerning production.

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