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  6 апреля 2016 года в городе Андижан специалистами компаний ORGANIC FOOD и EUROSNAB был проведён семинар на тему «ДЕНЬ МОРОЖЕНОГО»...
20 июня «Евроснаб» отметил 9 лет со дня основания компании! Это не так много, но за это время мы смогли добиться ярких побед.
27.02.2012 Ryazan "Myasomoltorg" released a new product – not melting ice cream
Ryazan ice cream manufacturers of the Retail Trade Enterprise  Open JSC "Myasomoltorg" released a new product - not melting ice cream. Fruit ice under the name of "UFO" with cherry taste, due to modern stabilizers, has the "alien" feature - it does not melt. If you  keep the "UFO" in the heat for long, ice cream turns into a jelly-like mass and reminds the resting representative of extraterrestrial civilizations. This delicacy is really a finding for neat persons, because it does not drip.
The head of the marketing Department of the RTE Open JSC "Myasomoltorg" Ekaterina Lunina has told to the magazine "Imperiya Holoda", that besides the traditional assortment, Ryazan people will present new kinds of production: ice cream "A Treat for the whole family", a series of yoghurt ice-cream "Parade of planets" and choc-ice "Nostalgie".
Currently, 50% of sales of ice-cream in the city of Ryazan is a product of "Myasomoltorg", the range of its products consists of 100 items: wafer cups, choc-ice, briquettes on waffles, family ice cream in a large packaging and artistically decorated cakes.

If You are interested in the production of this product, technologists of "EUROSNAB" will help you with the selection of formulation, components and will give recommendations concerning production.