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23.03.2012 Seminar on beverages "Innovation Day"
On 22nd of March, 2012 in the «Crystal» hall of the hotel «Intercontinental Tashkent» employees of the Company «EUROSNAB» and the Company «ORGANIC FOOD» together with the leading specialists of the company «GIVAUDAN» held the seminar «INNOVATION DAY» (innovations in the beverage industry).
In this seminar took part more than 70 participants-manufacturers from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.
The emergence on the market of new products and new flavors in the food industry, as well as significant improvement of the quality of domestic food products testifies the fact that the Company «EUROSNAB» during the time of its existence has made a significant, major contribution to the development of the food industry of Uzbekistan.
The company «EUROSNAB» consistently holds seminars and participates at exhibitions, which is an important factor and an indicator of leadership, professionalism, success and image of the company.
 The purpose of the seminar was to review the world market trends and solutions offered by the company «EUROSNAB» and «GIVAUDAN» for the segment of beverages. There have been a number of different tasting, where the most interesting solutions and new combinations of tastes were selected, likewise there were presented the collections of Retro-series drinks, forgotten long ago, but such tasty, familiar to us from childhood.
All the participants without exception, noted the high quality of the presented samples and intelligibility of the statement, likewise were obtained formulation and technological advice from European manufacturers.
At the end of the Seminar the participants received commemorative certificates.
About the companies:
«EUROSNAB» (Uzbekistan) - technologies and raw materials of European quality from world leaders of food production
«ORGANIC FOOD» (Uzbekistan), a supplier of only high-quality ingredients on the territory of Uzbekistan.
«GIVAUDAN» (Switzerland) - the worldwide leader in the production of flavourings and fragrances.