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06.04.2012 Exhibition WorldFood Uzbekistan, 2012
WorldFood Uzbekistan is the largest food exhibition in Uzbekistan. It is the best place for business meetings with more than 5000 professional visitors of the exhibition: suppliers, manufacturers, dealers and influential professionals in the sector of food market of Uzbekistan.
Uzbekistan is one of the Central Asian countries with the most dynamically developing economy. Nowadays the food industry of Uzbekistan is at a new stage of its development.
For the years of its existence the exhibition WorldFood Uzbekistan has acquired the status of the most authoritative annual international event in the field of food industry on the territory of Uzbekistan.
International exhibitions «Food industry - WorldFood Uzbekistan 2012» and «Agriculture - AgroWorld Uzbekistan 2012» - the only specialized event of such level in Uzbekistan. The scale of exhibitions illustrates in the most favorable way the huge potential of the food industry and first of all agriculture of Uzbekistan, which is confirmed by data of statistics: the number of participants in the joint exposition of this year is 180 companies, representing 23 foreign countries, thus confirming the high interest to the market of the Republic from the part of the world best manufacturers. The organizer of the WorldFood Uzbekistan 2012 and AgroWorld Uzbekistan 2012 is the international exhibition company ITE Uzbekistan and its partner the group of companies ITE.
The exhibitions were held from 3rd  to 5th of April, in Tashkent at the exhibition areas “Uzexpocentre”.
Food and processing industry - these are two of Uzbekistan industries, which have an enormous potential. Annually the exhibition WorldFood Uzbekistan becomes a demonstrative platform of the latest innovations of the industry. Among the main objectives of the exhibition –is introduction of modern technologies and equipment into the food and processing industry, filling the market of high quality food products, supporting the domestic inland manufacturers  by means of creation of optimal business platform for the expansion of business relations, exchange of advanced  experience, as well as attracting investments. In the exhibition WorldFood Uzbekistan 2012 take part more than 120 companies from 19 countries.
WorldFood Uzbekistan 2012 has set a new record for the number of exhibitors and space. Compared with the previous year the growth amounted to 20%.
Each participant of the exhibition got get ready for this event with great responsibility. Visitors of the exhibition got acquainted with a large selection of various products, presented by sectosr: food Products, beverages, food ingredients and additives, equipment and technologies.
Sector «ingredients» took 11% of the total area of the exposition. One of the famous leaders of the market of the ingredients is a traditional participant of this section, the Company EUROSNAB (Uzbekistan)
The company EUROSNAB is a global distribution company, operating on the markets in Russia and in the countries of Central Asia, the company represents the world's leaders in the production of food ingredients. Well-developed distribution network, debugged logistics.
The company EUROSNAB annually takes part in such exhibitions and  starting from 2007, receives Golden medals  «Master of Quality» and Certificates confirming the high quality of ingredients offered to our manufacturer.
This year on the stand of the Company EUROSNAB jointly participated 6 of its  partners, such as the Backaldrin (Austria), Tetra Pak (Sweden), GAT Foods (Israel), Hydrosol (Germany), Mulenchemie (Germany) and Riken Vitamin (Japan). This year EUROSNAB also received a gold medal and 14 certificates for ingredients, which have been recognized as the best by Tasting Commission. The company EUROSNAB offers only high-quality ingredients, which are recognized not only in the Uzbek market, but also in the world market among the major companies-manufacturers.
This year EUROSNAB received 14 certificates for the following products:
Product Luxice 453 - emulsifier-stabilizer for fruit ice-cream.
Manufacturer: Tetra Pak Company (Sweden)
Product Super Mixture - high-quality substitute for powdered milk for ice cream.
Manufacturer: Tetra Pak Company (Sweden)
Product Highsaccharified Glucose Syrup G65 for ice-cream - texturemade for ice-cream.
Manufacturer: the Company AMYLCO (Russia)
Product Aseptic Orange type T - orange concentrate for the juice industry. Manufacturer: the Company GAT Foods (Israel)
Product Aseptic Pineapple type T - pineapple juice concentrate for the juice industry. Manufacturer: the Company GAT Foods (Israel)
Product GENU Pektin type DZ - citrus pectin - gelatinizer for marmeladnyh products. Manufacturer: the Company CP Kelco (Denmark)
Product Vanillin Bakery - thermostable vanillin for baking. Manufacturer: The Company Boregaard.
Product Excelsponge E-800 - emulsifier for biscuit products (эмульгатор для бисквитных изделий) and cakes. Manufacturer: The Company Riken Vitamin (Japan)
Product Frendy MR - emulsifier for dough half-finished products and noodles of fast preparation. Manufacturer: The Company Riken Vitamin (Japan)
The product Blend E-50 - emulsifier for low-fat spreads and combined oils. Manufacturer: The Company Riken Vitamin (Japan)
Product Stabimuls MRH 301 OS - integrated stabilizer for low-fat mayonnaise. Manufacturer: The Company Hydrosol (Germany)
Product PLUSstabil HAM 100 Plus - a complex stabilizer for meat delicacies and ham. Manufacturer: The Company Hydrosol (Germany)
Product Hydrolon NPC is a complex compound salt-melters for production of cheese. Manufacturer: The Company Hydrosol (Germany)

Product Emulind 2011 - a complex stabilizer for cooked sausages and sausage products. Manufacturer: The Company Indsia (Germany)