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22.03.2012 EUROSNAB - your navigator in the world of food ingredients
Tasty and healthy economy
Cream on plant oils for beating, produced with the use of StabimulsVega, will satisfy even the most exigent gourmets! Besides, creams on plant oils stored longer and 40% cheaper than conventional dairy cream. Products of the range StabimulsVega of the company Hydrosol –is  the basis of delicious cream on plant oils. Delicious cream on plant oils. Cream on plant oils is an air-filled oil emulsion in water. This product can also be, according to your preferences, without the milk components. Fatty phase consists only vegetable fats. Along with the nutrient-physiological advantages the cream on vegetable oils also  have economic and technological benefits.
Cream on plant oils. produced with the use of StabimulsVega – is tasty and affordable alternative to dairy cream. Beating, shape stability and stability  itself - everything depends on the correct stabilization. StabimulsVega perfectly provides the basic indicators of the cream on plant oils.  Correctly selected complex of stabilizing components is an important factor for obtaining a good, stable after beating, cream on plant oils. In this case the crucial importance has the ratio of emulsifiers, vegetable proteins and hydrocolloids, as they interact with each other.
If you are interested in these products, technologists of "EUROSNAB" will help you to select the right formulation and will give the recommendation to use.
EUROSNAB - your navigator in the world of food ingredients
The unique properties of cocoa
MARS : flavanols of cocoa twice increase the ability of the vessels to the restoration.
A unique research of Mars proves that flavanols of cocoa is an important component of healthy diet for people with cardiovascular diseases. The results of the research recently made by well-known scientists, including from the company  MarsIncorporated, show that flavanols of cocoa can be an important part of the program of healthy nutrition for people with cardiovascular diseases. A new research of  University of California at San Francisco , published in 2010 in an acknowledged journal of the American College of cardiology (JACC), has shown that daily consumption of cocoa flavanols  twice increases the number of circulating of angiogenic cells (CAC) in the blood, its increasing number can have a positive impact on blood vessels. This study confirms the facts , previously published by scientific employees of the company Mars by independent scientists who have found a positive interrelation between consumed flavanols  and subsequent improvement of blood vessels  ability to relax. The Corporation ADM- «ArcherDanielsMidland» is an international company, the leading manufacturer and supplier of cocoa products from African plants  (Cote d'ivoire).

The company “EUROSNAB” is the official distributor of the company ADM and presents high-quality natural cocoa-products of line Unicao on the market of Uzbekistan.