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28.05.2012 The competence of Bread-Master for rye bread
At present time in modern bakery as improvers are used several dozens of various substances of biological and chemical origin They are used taking into account baking qualities of flour and peculiarities of the selected technological regime.
Special substances added into the flour or dough for the purpose to improve the quality of bread and regulation of technological process, are called improvers of bread quality
  • Improvers by the nature of their activity can be divided into the following groups:
  • improvers of oxidative action;
  • improvers of reconstituted action;
  • enzymatic preparations;
  • surface-active substances;
  • combined improvers.
The recipe of many bakery products include salt, sugar, fat and other substances, which in some cases can be considered as improvers of bread quality. Table salt is often used phase-by-phase to improve the quality of bread and stabilization of acidity. Adding sugar and fat in the dough reduces its viscosity and flexibility. Fat, especially in the form of emulsions, increases the hydration of gluten and in connection with this gas-retaining ability of dough. The dough becomes more flexible, which has a positive impact on its physical properties.
To make the bread delicious, soft and fluffy, it’s not enough to have flour and skillful hands. Special improvers for flour, used in the baking and bakery industry make it possible to achieve the guaranteed quality of products and avoid wasters. Four improvers change its structure, affect the activity of enzymes and microorganisms, which are important for baking bread.
Food additives for bakery products strengthen gluten , increase the capacity of dough for processing machines and installations, provide a good dough stratification   for bread, level the flow of  bread preforms. Application of flour improvers reduces the factor of flour quality for the manufacturer of baking products,  as it successfully compensate flour shortcomings.
Completely indispensable are ingredients and special mixes for bread in the production of some varieties of bakery products, such as buns for hamburgers, hot dogs and others.

The introduction into bakery production the food additives improve the quality of flour and bread, gives significant economic effect. This is justified by the improvement of bread quality, which increases the demand for it, as well as by acceleration of the technological process. Some improvers of flour, which include dry gluten, increase the output of ready-made bakery products.

Dough moisture content
The higher dough moisture content , the greater the output of bread is .That’s why the main task, providing the receipt of a given bread output for a particular product, is the correct dosage of water in the dough.
Specialists of the Austrian company «Bakaldrin» developed the integrated bakery improver c, which composition  gives an opportunity to influence the technological parameters of flour and ultimately makes it possible to achieve baking of high-quality. Hydrocolloids included into Brotmayster allow to increase water absorption of dough, improve structural - mechanical indicators of the quality of the crumb,  increase the volume and output of finished products. The unique composition of Brotmayster allows successfully to use it to improve the quality of puff paste  choux pastries. Products with the use of improvers are significantly increased in volume, have specified layering and porosity.
If you are interested in these products, technologists of "EUROSNAB" will help you to select the right formulation and will give the recommendation to use.
There is a misconception that rye bread does not need improvers. Or that all improvers work in the same way, and universal in application. Traditionally for centuries bread master used the additives, which improve the quality of bread, passing their secrets from generation to generation.

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