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18.06.2012 «Leaf» has released the first chewing gum with a pure xylitol
Danish confectionery company «Leaf International» introduces to European markets soft chewing gum with 100%content of xylitol.
The company introduced a chewing gum «XyliFresh» in the market of Holland at the end of October and plans to distribute the product in the markets of other European countries in the nearest future. A distinctive feature of novelty is the fact that instead of sugar they used 1005th xylitol, which helps to preserve the teeth health.
The company representatives said that the sector of soft chewing gums has been actively developing in Europe, however, the markets till this time didn’t have the product without sugar. Other manufacturers of soft chewing gum, in particular, the company «Kraft Foods», uses in the production of these products, only a small percentage of xylitol, however, chewing gum, where sugar would be completely replaced by xylitol, was not produced yet.
Xylitol is a sugar substitute, which differs very little from dietary sugar, it can be used in the treatment of some diseases. Xylitol is assimilated without the participation of insulin, that is why it is widely used in the medical nutrition of patients with diabetes mellitus, in addition, it helps the teeth to be cleaned from dental deposit and, therefore, reduces the risk of caries.
If You are interested in the production of this product, technologists of "EUROSNAB" will help you with the selection of formulation, components and will give recommendations concerning production.