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20.09.2010 Opening of the applied laboratory of «EUROSNAB»
In September of 2010, the company «EUROSNAB» launched a satellite laboratory of applied research of food technologies, located in the capital of Uzbekistan. Tashkent is a major center for the development of food technologies and innovations in Central Asia. And the opening of this Department became a logical continuation in the history of the dynamic development of the young and progressive company «EUROSNAB». After all, the promotion of the newest technologies and innovations in the sphere of food production from the beginning was the cornerstone in the long-term program of our business development, which was consciously taken as the social mission.
There are plenty of technologies of food production, and every day there appear new ones, of high quality, but they are not always available - and the manufacturer has to spend enormous resources to find the technology for his production by himself.
We are constantly working on the ways to help our customers to introduce new ideas into their products and thus increase its competitiveness. For its customers the company «EUROSNAB» holds seminars and organizes tasting sessions, offering the best of innovations and world trends in the food market. Tasting became an integral part of the development of new products, in the course of which all the facets of taste preferences of ultimate consumers are identified. Innovative technologies, professional approach, as well as the constant study of the market and consumer preferences allows the company to react quickly to new trends and customers’ demands.
Advisers or technologist visit enterprises and laboratories to introduce to our partners the specifics of the products application, which often represent quite difficult balanced composition of flavored compounds and functional ingredients. Qualified technologists of «EUROSNAB» will help you to choose individual collection and ready technological solutions. In its work of technologists of the company «EUROSNAB» is based not only on huge experience, but also on the fundamental knowledge of the essence of the technological processes production. They skillfully apply long-term experience of the European colleagues - specialists representing the absolute leaders in the production of food ingredients - each in its industry. Among them Tetrapak, DSM, Riken Vitamin, Backaldrin, Hydrosol, Purac, Plantextrakt and many others.


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