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18.09.2014 Seminar on topic "Emotion of taste", Kazakhstan
  On 21st of February the representatives of large Kazakhstan companies - producers of confectionery and dairy products - attended the seminar "Emotion of taste", organized by company “Eurosnab” in cooperation with Givaudan, the world's largest manufacturer of food flavors and perfume compositions. Control managers and technologists gathered together to answer the question: how to create not just a tasty products, but products that consumers will love?
  According to the director of development of Eurosnab Kazakhstan, a key mission of the company and of this seminar is to improve the competitiveness of Kazakhstan companies by providing them with access to technology and experience, which is widely used by large multinational companies. Mars, KraftFoods, Ulker, Ferrero, Pepsico - a partial list of the giants of the food industry, which local producers has to compete with on the local market. The only way to manage with hard competition is to offer the consumer the product not inferior in quality, for production of which is used cutting-edge technology and innovative developments, proven worldwide. 
  According to the chief flavor manager of the company Givaudan Luis Ibanez: "Flavor plays a key role in the perception of taste of any food. Human tongue distinguishes only five basic tastes: salty, sour, sweet, bitter, umami. The rest of the perception range appears due to odor molecules that reach the nasal receptors.” Flavor manager is called a highly qualified specialist in creating flavors.
  "The most vivid emotions are caused by natural flavors, familiar since early childhood. Therefore, our task is to copy precisely the fragrance, created by nature. To do this, we use natural ingredients. Otherwise, your receptors do not recognize the familiar scent, and it will not be that strawberry you ate with pleasure, when you were little. "Aromatic ingredients are now used in all types of food products. And, despite the fact that their mass fraction is usually less than 100, the contribution of the aromatic additive in the consumer perception of the product is critical.
  However, the technology of high quality is - only a part of the production secret of a successful product. Important factor in creating your favorite product is the ability to focus on the needs of local consumers. "The presence of a regional partner such as company Eurosnab allows us to learn the specific features of your market and be closer to your customer," - explained the CEO of Givaudan Rus Alex Sheingyte. The company conducted a global survey, which lets us know what tastes prefer the consumers in different parts of the world. The flavor number 1 of the confectionery and dairy products industry around the world traditionally remains strawberry. And for our region more popular become tastes known from childhood: "Soviet" condensed milk and butter. Already on the shelves of Kazakhstan stores we can see a lot of sweets and pastries with these flavors.
  The real breakthrough in the production of flavor ingredients was the study of the links between different tastes and emotions that they cause. It is a fact that chocolate causes positive emotions in a person’s mood, but what emotions cause the tastes of raspberry, orange, milk, butter and vanilla, Kazakh producers have learned from the experts of Givaudan during a special lecture.
  The representatives of the companies Givaudan and "Eurosnab" pointed out that they are willing to cooperate not only with representatives of big business, but also to small and medium business. The company's goal is not only to sell ingredients to Kazakhstan producers but to create together the products that will be loved by people of Kazakhstan and the Customs Union.

  With high-quality technology and proven knowledge of what kind of product the local customer wants and what emotions he strives to obtain from it, the local producer obtains a set of tools that allows him to compete with foreign brands, not only in price but also in the field of attractiveness and product quality.