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18.09.2014 Seminar in CJSC «UNIGRA» from 1 to 3 April
  From 1 to 3 of April the Technology Center of CJSC «UNIGRA» held technological seminar on confectionary products, where much attention has been paid to the Master Martini products: range of margarines for puff, different kinds of pastries and creams, natural chocolate and substitutes, chocolate cream for filling the products before and after baking, chocolate cream for cakes covering and layer, plant cream for cakes filling, and decorating, and much more. The seminar was attended by representatives of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Georgia, Russia. Specifically for this seminar was invited the leading technologist of «UNIGRA» Francesco Drudi from Italy.
  The team of technologists from different republics within 3 days had the opportunity to get valuable advice, technological instructions of how to use the products and put them into practice.
  The first day of seminar was devoted to the application of different range of plant cream, chocolate cream for coating and layer. From plant cream and chocolate fillings was prepared various cream for layer cakes, also chocolate cream was used to cover the surface of cake. The combination of plant cream with chocolate cream gives exquisite taste, stability, a good amount of cream, and expands the range of creams for cakes layering.
  The second day was devoted to margarine for puff pastry of different kinds and creams. There were baked a number of puff pastry based on margarines for puffs, which in its turn showed a brilliant result, a very flexible dough, which is convenient for cross-linking, either by hand or by the machine, perfect shape stability, provides a nice rise in the oven. Margarine for creams and pastries are perfect for shortcake, different butter cream, as it has a rich creamy taste.
  The third day was devoted to natural chocolate and its substitutes. Taking the chocolate as the base element the leading technologist taught tempering method in the laboratory, and the production of chocolates by hand. Chocolate creams served in the role of fillings. Participants were also trained how to make different kinds of décor from chocolate.
  During the three day seminar, the participants noted the good organization and professionalism, they also expressed their gratitude, as they learned a lot of new and useful things.
  The company "EUROSNAB" offers the range of product line CJSC «UNIGRA» to local clients as well as provides technological support in application.
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