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18.09.2014 Seminar on topic "ICE CREAM DAY" for the producers of Ferghana Valley
  On March 26, 2014 in the city of Andijan employees of the company ORGANIC FOOD and EUROSNAB held a seminar " ICE CREAM DAY " for the producers of the Ferghana Valley.
  It should be noted that the Ferghana Valley is home to more than 60% of the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan, so there are lots of ice cream producers in this region, hence the interest to this event has been very high.
  Fergana region has always pleased customers with new types of ice cream, particularly in this region the introduction of new products occurs before the capital. The buyer in Fergana Valley is more capricious and requires from manufacturers to improve the quality of  products and expansion of the ice cream range. 
  The seminar on ice cream was held in the new Business - Center "Hamkor", located in the center of the main capital of the Fergana Valley, in the city of Andijan.
In the seminar took part 20 companies who came from the cities of Fergana, Namangan, Kokand, Margilan, in total there were 27 participants.
  The director of the company ORGANIC FOOD Klycheva M.Sh greeted the participants of the seminar. In a subsequent report "Eurosnab- Simple Solutions" and "Organic Food - Ingredients of high quality", were covered the issues of companies positioning, interaction and assortment policy.
The seminar covered the following topics:
1 The role and composition of the stabilizers in the production of ice cream
Stabilizers line of "LUX" series:
  • Stabilizers - emulsifiers "Luxice 6700" and a new stabilizer-emulsifier «Luxice 6720" for the production of ice cream (plombir), cream and milk ice cream;
  • "Luxice 4754" emulsifier-stabilizer for low fat ice cream;
  • "Luxice 8701" emulsifier-stabilizer for premium ice cream;
  • "Luxice 1050" - a stabilizer for fruit ices.
2 Innovations - a key factor of the development
Innovative products and solutions in the production of ice cream:
  • New - stabilizer "Luxice 451", "Luxice 453", "Luxice 615" - for the production of extrusion popsicles, sorbets, and sherbets;
  • New - Italian ice cream for segment HoReCa – complex ingredients:
  • bases, improvers, fillers, toppings;
  • New - Stabilizers for non-melting ice and frozen mousse "Luxice 11", "Luxice 1205";
  • New - MALTEX provides with good structure of ice cream and chewing;
  • New - Fat-soluble dyes for glaze from Ecoresource for the production of colored aromatic glaze.
3 Our opportunities for ice cream producers:
  • Flavors of creamy, vanilla and chocolate group from the world famous Swiss company Givaudan;
  • Dry glucose syrup - CDry GL 01934 - a new product to make the structure of ice cream, chewing;
  • High glucose syrup HGS G 65 - provides softness and chewing to ice cream;
  • Cocoa products from the company ADM will ensure the product with chocolate taste and natural color;
  • Glazes for ice cream from Chocoland - gives an excellent chocolate flavor, provides with a good product melting in the mouth;
  • Crystal Eurovanilin from the company Borregaard – enhances the flavor of chocolate, strawberry and plum;
  • Luxsilak RU 515 - functional dairy product, provides the ice ream with good creamy structure and resistance to melting.
  The seminar also covered the issues of global trends on the markets of Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Russia. Nowadays the world market of ice cream has been divided into three main trends: pleasure trend - health trend - target group trend. The world market of ice cream sets new parameters, the person wants not only to enjoy the sweet treats, but get something healthy as well. Therefore, every year appear new kinds of ice cream with added vitamins and minerals, natural fruits, functional additives that increase the immunity power of the person, and even sugar-free - diabetic ice cream.
Producers were able to look at the content (composition) of the new kinds of ice cream.
  All the participants of seminar enjoyed tasting the samples of ice cream, which contained new kinds of products, such as:
- Dry glucose syrup - CDry GL 01934
- Maltex
- Luxice 453, Luxice 6720, Luxice 1205
- Italian ice cream (coffee and Raffaello with pistachio cream)
  After the seminar, the producers were eager to conduct industrial developments in order to test new formulations for the production of new types of ice cream.
  New delivery schedules for 2014 were made at the seminar
  All the participants were given presentation materials and corporate gifts from the organizers.
  The participants noted the high level organization, were pleased with provided information and technological consultations  at a seminar.