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18.09.2014 Congratulations to Victory Day - May 9
  Not all veterans will be able to come to the Eternal Flame on the 9the of May. Many of them
are seriously ill or under treatment. The average age of war participants, disabled veterans
- 88-93 years. And still they consider it their duty to talk about the past terrible war and warn
us all - this should not happen again! They believe their sacred duty is to bring up younger
generation in patriotic spirit. And they do it, overcoming illnesses and ailments, sometimes
- pain. Because there is much more severe pain - memories of the Great World War II.
   And our duty is to give due to our veterans - to surround this already so few Guard of soldiers of the Great Patriotic War with care and attention.
   In turn, the company "Eurosnab" congratulated as well veterans of World War II and gave small gifts as a token of gratitude and respect for those people who defended our homeland! 
 Galanova Vera (born 23.12.1924 ) went through the war and was a nurse of military hospital.
 Sofia Nikolaevna and Nadezhda Nikolaevna - two sisters, went through the war, but remained in vigorous spirit and the memories of war years are still alive after many years.
Kuzmin Anatoly  Mikhaylovich (born 22.11.1923) served in the mortar troops as fire control platoon commander. He fought in the battles in Berlin, Belarus, Baltic Front, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Königsberg.
  Anatoly Mikhaylovich still remembers the day when his family learned about the German invasion of the Soviet Union by radio. As a young man he did not hesitate a minute, Anatoly Mikhaylovich volunteered to defend the motherland.  

  Anatoly Mikhaylovich has many awards for courage and service to the Fatherland, one of them is the medal "Eren enbegi ushin", which was personally handed by the mayor of Almaty for patriotism and love of motherland on behalf of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Nadezhda Mikhaylovna was born and raised in Almaty. In 1941, in her 17 years she signed up as a nurse volunteer to the front. Fragile girl went through the war, and despite the injury reached Berlin. She recalls that as a young girl she was very thin and short. In military registration and enlistment office, looking at her appearance, they tried to send her home several times, but the girl managed to convince everyone that she is bitter-ender, and she would be able to reach the victory together with everyone.