Thickeners and structure-forming agents

Thickeners and structure-forming agents - substances, capable to modify liquid cosmetic compositions in order to increase their viscosity. They are introduced into formulations for improvement of the structure, flexibility and consumer properties of the products. They include natural and artificial gums, polyethylene glycol and pulp derivatives, clay, pectin, sodium alginate, starch, gelatin, etc. Surface-active substances (for example, acrylic polymers, alkanolamides, sulfobetaines), used as a cleaning, emulsifying, and bactericidal components, can also increase the viscosity of formulations and be subsidiary thickening agents
Unique Technological Offer
  • A high degree of hydrocolloid purification, absence of a negative impact on the taste perception.
  • Product portfolio in a wide range of viscosity control and jellification.
  • Technical competence and accumulated experience in the production of hydrocolloids for any rheology in your product.
According to chemical composition thickeners are polysaccharides, partially or completely soluble in water, forming the viscous, easily swelling liquids. Mixed with gums, essential oils and tanning substances, form complex plant exudates. The gums were used in traditional medicine for the treatment of wounds and inflammations. At present time they  are successfully applied in the form of solutions and mixtures. Are also used as emulsifiers, thickeners in cosmetic formulations. The application standards depend on the formulation and the expected effect in the finished product.
The range of thickeners and structure-forming agents
  • Gellan gum
  • Carob tree gum
  • Gam carob tree
  • Cellulose gum
  • Modified starch 
  • Native starch
  • Xanthane gum
  • Pyrogenic silica
  • Specialized pectin