Stabilizers for ice-cream

Stabilizers for ice-cream is an integrated mix of emulsifier and stabilizer, widely used in the production of ice cream. The stabilizer is the active part of the product, which stabilizes the different phases of ice-cream (water, oil, air). Emulsifier - substances, which reduce the surface tension, thus contributing to the desorption of protein, and as a consequence, improve the ice cream whipping quality, dry of extrusion and give cream form to the finished product.
Unique Technological Offer
  • Global presence in all markets of the world, technical support, professional competence.
  • Technology of product  encapsulation and integration of stabilizers. Leadership in technology - depth knowledge of the processes.
  • Great possibilities of interdisciplinary thinking  for  experience exchange.
The choice and dosage of use of stabilizers of series Lux depend on the formulation, the type of equipment, quality of raw materials and other individual manufacturer requests. Thoroughly selected composition of stabilizers allows to achieve a high stability during storage and transportation of ice-cream.
A range of stabilizers Lux series
  • Luxice 1005
  • Luxice 1205
  • Luxice 3655
  • Luxice 3670
  • Luxice 453
  • Luxice 6700
  • Luxice 6702
  • Luxice 8701