Sourdoughs - half-finished product of baking industry, ready-for-use in the production of wheat, rye-wheat and rye bread. Modern sourdoughs are produced by industrial method by multiple fermentation, oriented for the production of rye and rye-wheat bread in a fast way.
Unique Technological Offer
  • Optimization of technological process of dough making with the use of sourdoughs of different trade forms and activity.
  • Quality control with standardized methods of research.
  • Automation of production process and logistics.
If the manufacture of wheat bread for fermentation, requires the use of yeast, in case of manufacture of products with a high content of rye flour to obtain the final product of high quality, it's preferable to use leavening. This is due to the differences in chemical properties of substances included in rye and wheat flour. Rye flour, unlike wheat, has a high level of amylases activity and lower temperature of starch gelatinization. Therefore, to prevent the «flow» of bread, that is to prevent a strong splitting of starch, it is necessary to reduce the activity of amylases, which takes place during the phase of reducing pH which is called fermentation. Application of ready dry or liquid sourdoughs greatly facilitates and reduces the manufacturing process. Having functional features, fermented components can develop the properties of improver-stabilizer in wheat breads. Dosages range from 5 to 0.5% to flour mass.
A range of sourdoughs
  • BAL
  • BAL Turbo
  • Anifarin
  • Rogan
  • Schimmel Shuts