Protein products

Protein products are widely used in confectionary production. Dry egg protein is a product produced of the proteins of fresh eggs, received as a result of separation of egg yolk is a good foam maker, which is capable to hold sugar. This explain its use in the production of creams, marshmallows, souffle, meringue, cakes. In confectionery production dried egg protein is used to create resistant foam, emulsification of fats, as well as the enrichment of the products with full animal protein. Of great interest for confectionery production are milk protein concentrates – caseinate sodium, dry milk food protein, caseinate whey protein. Casein is the major protein of milk is one of the most full and cheapest of animal proteins. Food casein contains, as a rule, a significant  amount of vitamins, mineral salts. Protein concentrates represent fine ground fine powder of white colour, sometimes with cream  hue, without taste or with weak milk flavor.
Unique Technological Offer
  • Ultra modern equipment and innovative developments in the production of functional proteins, products for meat, oil and fat, dairy and other sectors of food industry.
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For reconstitution the dry egg protein dissolve in drinking-water at a ratio of 1:7-9, carefully mix and leave for 10 - 20 minutes for full dissolution. Some types of egg proteins do not require soaking, they are reconstituted in  warm water directly in dough dish and then beat at first, at low speed, then gradually increase the speed of beating. The use of dry egg proteins do not require the addition of food acids in the process of beating, as there is a  small quantity of food acids in their composition. Therefore it is recommended to add the acid at the end of beating.
The use of milk protein concentrates in the confectionery industry allows to replace partially or completely dried milk, egg powder and create the effect of cream, without increasing the fat content in the product, to achieve high emulsifying properties, as well as increase the nutrient value. Proteins, included in the composition of milk (casein, albumin, globulin), are easily digested and are a source of protein essential in the die, and that is why milk as a food product is highly appreciated. Replacing a part of raw materials in the composition of confectionery products by milk protein products require their use in relatively small quantities that do not cause the change of taste and production technology.
The range of protein products
  • Euroalbumin
  • Euroalbufix
  • Lacprodan
  • Luxilac
  • Meeprodan
  • Nutrilac