Protein products

Protein products are widely used in production of sausage products, meat products, as well as oil and fat products and cooking. Vegetable protein products have become an integral part of the formulations of sausage products in modern production, applied in the form of granules, protein and fat emulsions and direct inroduction. Animal proteins are characterized by neutral smell and taste, high water-holding, fat emulsifying and gelling properties, and milk protein concentrates and isolates are responsible for rheology and stability, consistency and taste properties of the finished product.
Unique Technological Offer
  • Ultra modern equipment and innovative developments in the production of functional proteins, products for meat, oil and fat, dairy and other sectors of food industry.
  • Great possibilities of interdisciplinary thinking  for  experience exchange, key products, professional competence.
  • Development of individual and innovative solutions, a partnership cooperation in the field of scientific researches.
Functional protein products of animal origin on the basis of  collagen containing raw materials used in the production of all types of sausages, ham, pates, chopped semi-finished products and meat delicacies. With its high-emulsifying  ability, it is recommended to introduce in the form of hydrated gels, protein and fat emulsions, in the composition of pickles or in dry on mince. Concentrates and isolates of milk proteins, as raw material resource of oil-fat and dairy industry, are very adaptable to use. They have a number of major advantages of stable quality and organoleptic properties, rheology, the specified consistency, together with the simultaneous increase of nutrient properties of finished products. However, the use of such components as an isolate and whey protein concentrate requires a special approach in the process of production, in particular,it is necessary to pay attention to two of the most important technological parameters of their production - mode of homogenization and time of the ripening.
The range of protein products
  • Euroalbumin High Gel
  • Lacprodan
  • Luxilac
  • Meeprodan
  • Nutrilac
  • Soy concentrate
  • Soy isolate
  • Stabiprot (fiber)
  • Stabiprot (powder)