Modified starches

Modified starches - are starches, whose properties are changed as a result of physical, chemical, biochemical or combined processing. Widely used in the production of  fat- oil, meat and dairy products. Following the modern tendencies, margarines with a low fat content have become very popular, as the population became aware of the importance of healthy diet and the need to reduce the fat content in consumed products. The great demand for products with low fat content provides high demands to the starched raw materials, and also to the development of new modifiers and stabilization systems
Unique Technological Offer
  • Global system of quality management Total Quality Management
  • Meeting the requirements of the European food legislation, raw materials and its derivatives do not contain GMO
  • Innovation and professional competence to produce the products of consistently high quality
To create the structure and optimum consistency, the modified starch is used in the production of low fat spices (sauces)s and mayonnaises in the amount of 1.5-3.5% to the total quantity of product, as well as it is used in the production of butter and margarine. The use of starch modifiers in a mix  with food acids and other stabilizers and emulsifiers in dairy products, creates an optimal structure and consistency. They are used in concentrated food industry as a thickener and the basis for dry cream, soups, sauces, as well as dry mixes for puddings and jellies of quick cooking.
We distinguish starches of cold and hot swelling, when choosing the right starch it is important to take into account the relevant parameters and indicators of products, peculiarities of technological process and the way of product storage. Multiple excess of the recommended application rates can have negative affect on organoleptic properties of the finished product.
The range of modified starches
  • Starch series ELIANE
  • Starch series ETENIA
  • Starch series PASELLI
  • Starch series PERFECTAMYL
  • Starch series SELECTAMYL
  • Starch series PERFECTABIND