Lecithin is emulsifier of plant origin, made from soya raw materials. In food industry it is used as a modifier of viscosity (production of chocolate masses), dispersing agent (confectionery and dairy products), and emulsifier (oil and fat products). Phospholipids, included in the composition of lecithin, have partially hydrophytes, and partly hydrophobic nature, which makes lecithins the most effective emulsifier in the food industry.
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Introduction dosage of lecithin in the recipe depends on the type of emulsion (forward/reverse), the type of fat raw materials, destination (dilution of chocolate masses or the creation of a "barrier layer ") and technological equipment. In General, in  emulsions of type "oil in water" 5-10% of the fat mass, in emulsion of reverse type "water in oil” 1-5% of the fat mass.
The range of lecithins
  • Topsicin
  • Yelkin
  • Adlec
  • Ultralec