Glucose syrups

Glucose syrups- innovative sources of sugars produced by splitting the starch contained in the grain of corn into sugar by method of enzymatic and/or acid hydrolysis. Molasses consists of a mixture of glucose, maltose and higher sugars and has a large number of kinds depending on the combinations of carbohydrates. Maltose molasses - it is a natural product, its main component is disaccharide maltose. The high content of maltose in molasses makes its composition close to malt beer mash, and unfermentable sugar create a specific taste and provide the desired density of the beer.
Unique Technological Offer
  • The latest modern technology, hi-tech equipment allows to produce the whole range of syrups with various specified properties.
  • Great possibilities of interdisciplinary thinking for experience exchange.
In the production of products with foam structure (candy, Zephyr) the use of syrups helps to retain the moisture during  longer period without changing the structure of products. Provides the best increase in the volume of foam  masses, giving it a more delicate structure. Has a positive effect on viscosity, flexibility and fluidity of cream  masses. Is an indispensable improver of all varieties of bakery products. In the production of most confectionery products the ratio -sugar/molasses depends on the recipe, the type of stabilizer and thickeners, as well as taste preferences of the manufacturer.
A range of emulsifiers for bakery and confectionery products
  • Amydex series
  • G -65
  • G-40
  • G-55
  • Glucamil F
  • Glucamil H
  • Glucamil M
  • Glucamil S
  • Glucose syrup 40-42
  • Glucose syrup 62-65
  • Isosugar series
  • Glucose fructose syrup. -30
  • Glucose fructose syrup -42
  • М -40
  • М -50
  • М -70