Functional systems for meat processing

Functional systems are indispensable for lean production of high quality meat products and to provide the required properties in respect of commodity form, texture, taste and shelf life. Production of meat and sausage products requires the use of different technologies depending on the final product - cooked or smoked sausages, boiled ham products, smoked sausage or ham products. The greatest economic value in the market of meat products have all sorts of sausages and small sausages, different kinds of boiled ham, as well as cooked sausages of spreading consistency. The specific combination of functional ingredients provides optimum result, expressed synergies of components, specified characteristics of the product.
Unique Technological Offer
  • Ultra modern equipment and innovative developments in the production of functional proteins, products for meat, oil and fat, dairy and other sectors of food industry.
  • Great possibilities of interdisciplinary thinking  for  experience exchange, key products, professional competence.
  • Development of individual and innovative solutions, a partnership cooperation in the field of scientific researches.
Integrated solutions allow manufacturers to be sure in the reliability of the production  and obtained results - finished products of specified standard.  The used components provide the production of the product with dense structure and a good «biting», structures fat. The composition of functional mixtures may include animal and vegetable proteins with high emulsifying and water-holding ability. Application of functional systems allows to save considerably production costs: electricity, labor, production area, wear of equipment. Synergy active components allow to reduce and simplify production process.  Dosage can vary within a certain range, but the composition of mixture should always be taking into consideration, because multiple increase or decrease in standards may have negative affect on the stability of emulsion and organoleptic properties of the finished product.
The range of stabilization systems
  • Products series HYDROGUM
  • Products series HYDROLON
  • Products series HYDROTOP
  • Products series MEATZYM
  • Products series PLUSMULSON
  • Products series PLUSSTABIL
  • Products series STABIPROT