Emulsifiers are substances that ensure the creation of emulsions from immiscible liquids. Emulsifiers are often added to food products with the purpose to create and stabilize emulsions and other food disperse systems, determining the consistency of a food product, its flexible properties, viscosity and feeling of «fullness» in the mouth.
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The activity of emulsifiers is complex, it is based on the ability of surface-active substances (SAS) reduce the energy required for the creation of free surface for phase division. They are responsible for mutual distribution of two immiscible phases, for the consistency of the food, its flexible properties, the viscosity and the feeling of fullness in the mouth («mouth-feeling»). Spreading of margarine, ductility of dough, chewing gum, fluff ice cream are determined by dispersing activity of emulsifiers. Interaction of emulsifiers with flour proteins strengthens the gluten that in the production of bakery products leads to an increase in specific volume, improvement of porosity, the structure of crumb, inhibition of hardening. In the manufacture of chocolate, chocolate glazes, etc. additive of emulsifier reduces the viscosity of chocolate mass, improves their flow due to the influence on the crystallization of cocoa butter. Addition of emulsifiers into dry milk, dry cream, soups, etc., allows to reduce the size of fatty balls, which speeds up and facilitates the solution of dry products in the water.
Application rates of emulsifiers depend on the formulation, the quality of raw materials and the expected result in finished product, but should remain within the recommended range (for example, of 0.1-1.0%). It is not recommended to multiple excess of dosages, as it can have a negative impact on the properties of emulsions, and on the organoleptic properties of the finished product.
A range of emulsifiers for bakery and confectionery products
  • Crystal Ace series
  • Doughcon Ace series
  • EM series
  • EMP
  • Exelais series
  • Exelsponge series
  • Friendy series
  • PRV-200
  • Rikemal DSV
  • Rikemal GV
  • Rikemal JV
  • Rikemal LV
  • Rikemal SSL-1000
  • Rikemal SV
  • Rimulsoft Super
  • Riplex series
  • Sofical series