Cocoa products

Cocoa-products – are products, received by processing of cocoa beans, are 100% natural raw materials for the production of chocolate. Cocoa mass - product of processing of the seeds of the cocoa tree Cocoa ( Theobroma cacao) - a kind of (Theobroma) of the family (Malvaceae), originated from America, and is cultivated all over the world in the tropics of both hemispheres in order to receive the seeds, used in confectionery industry, cosmetic industry and medicine. Cocoa powder is obtained by grinding into the powdered state the cocoa cake, which remains after pressing the cocoa butter from cocoa mass.
Unique Technological Offer
  • The highest level of production, the European standards.
  • The continuous updating of portfolio, introduction of the newest technologies into production.
  • Globalization and great  possibilities to work new regional markets.
In roasted cocoa beans there are about 50% of fat, and 20-25% of carbohydrates, 15-20% protein, and up to 1.5% theobromine, 5% of water, 3.5% of ash elements (including calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and sodium), and a little brownish-red pigment. Chocolate is interpenetration of two flavors: sweet and bitter taste of cocoa products. Norms ratio of introduced components, the size of fraction, the degree of processing, have a direct influence on the taste of the finished chocolate and/or confectionery products. Regarding the content of cocoa products: chocolate with cocoa content in the range from 25% to 99%.we distinguish an ordinary, bitter and white chocolates. Ordinary or classic chocolate is chocolate with cocoa content from 35 up to 55-60%. But in a bitter chocolate content of cocoa products exceeds 55%. In other words, by changing the ratio between the cocoa products and other components of the ecosystem, you can change the taste peculiarities of the chocolate - from bitter to sweet. The more cocoa grated and/or cocoa butter has the chocolate, the more bitter taste and more vivid scent it possesses and  the more it is valued.
The range of cocoa-products
  • Cocoa-powder natural
  • Cocoa powder, alkalized
  • Cocoa butter standard
  • Cocoa butter premium
  • Cocoa standard
  • Cocoa special
  • Cocoa beans