Cereal mixes

Cereal mixes - multicomponent baking mixes for production of bread and bakery products, and they are used not only in the dough as a filler, but also as a decorative item. Properly selected and specially prepared ingredients of cereal mixes  are a source of deficient and vitally important components for healthy nutrituin, including a variety of microelement and vitamins, carbohydrates, saturated and unsaturated with fatty acids, fiber and protein of high energy value
Unique Technological Offer
  • The use of raw materials of the regional cultivation.
  • Quality control with standardized methods of research.
  • Automation of production process and logistics.
An important feature of cereal mixes is their increased ability of hydration. The dough with such cereal mixes have significant water-absorbing capacity, that allows to bind free water in the dough, which in its turn leads to reduction of baking losses and to a significant increase of the weight of products, and to a significant reduction of the loss of moisture during the storage of final products - slowing down staleness. Cereal baking mixes for elite varieties of bread are produced in the form of concentrates (a dosage of 25% to weight of flour), in the form of mixes (50%), in the form of completely finished composition (100%).
The range of Cereal mixes
  • Babushkin Mix
  • Vienna Mix
  • Italian Mix
  • Cornmix direct
  • My cereal Mix
  • Multicereal Mix
  • Purple Mix
  • Spelt mix
  • Chabbata Mix