Agar-agar - gelling agent, derived from algae. The structural component of cell walls of red algae: Gelidium and Gracilaria, Gelidiella, Gracilaiopsis. Agar-agar has found wide application in the production of marmalade, beating confectionery products, such as marshmallows, souffle as well as in the production of confectionery paste and jelly.
Unique Technological Offer
  • A wide range of specialized agars with set properties.
  • Highest degree of cleaning, the production with modern equipment on its own areas.
  • Protective regime of processing in the center of the largest raw-material production zone.
Different types of agar-agar are used in food production, in particular –in confectionery production, production of jams and glazed substances, creating strong jellies with the properties of thixotropy. The strength of the jelly depends on the dosage, in this case sugar content and the concentration of cations almost don’t  influence it.
The range of agars
  • Agar DHS I
  • Agar TX
  • Agar Type 900
  • Agar AX-2611
  • Agar AX-2710
  • Chillitto agar
  • Gelagar