Acid and acidity regulators

Acid and acidity regulators – are substance, which establish and maintain in food product value of pH. The addition of acids reduces the pH of the product, the adding of buffer substances maintains the pH at a certain level.
Unique Technological Offer
  • Optimum rate of sour taste and its change at the time.
  • Excellent solubility, universal marketable forms of food acids, including the form of pellets.
  • Various combinations most effectively will emphasize the taste profile of your product.
Acids and acidity regulators are used separately or in a mixture with other acids in the composition of acid detergents. Citric acid is used in cosmetic products, as a preservative, diluting agent, pH modifier, foam breaker.  Has an astringent, cleaning and whitening effect on the skin. It is included in the compositions of cleansing creams, depilating agents, hair rinses, paint for the hair, skin creams from freckles. PH control, peeling agent. Lactic acid is the most important product of the metabolism of living organisms. It is received from the whey. In cosmetic practice its role is similar to others a- hydroxiacids - effects the processes of regeneration and renewal of the skin, exfoliation of dead cells. It is used in cleaning and regenerating skin creams and lotions, as well as moisturizing and whitening component.
Fruit acids, which appeared in the production of many firms, brought in intrigue in their products: as it turned out, fruit acids strengthen the process of natural regeneration of the skin, relieve her from the dead cells, soften and refresh it, activate the effect of the and moisturizing whitening components.
The range of acids acidity regulators
  • Calcium lactate
  • Sodium lactate
  • Citric acid (anhydrite)
  • Citric acid (anhydrite)
  • Citric acid(monohydrate)
  • Citric acid(monohydrate)
  • Lactic acid
  • Sodium citrate
  • Malic acid