About the Company

«EUROSNAB» – is a global technological company, operating on the CIS markets. The Company represents world leaders in production of food ingredients.
There are developed distribution network, efficient logistics, offices, and technological centers which are situated in Europe, Russia and in the countries of the Central Asia, which efforts are directed on the elaboration of innovation decisions, adoption of new technologies and uninterrupted supply of ingredients and raw materials of European quality for the producers of foodstuffs!
«EUROSNAB» Co. presents in eight countries:
  •  Russia
  •  Byelorussia
  •  Kazakhstan
  •  Azerbaijan
  •  Uzbekistan
  •  Kyrgyzstan
  •  Turkmenistan
  •  Tajikistan
Company Structure:
  •  Department of beverages
  •  Department of confectionary products
  •  Department of savoury products
  •  Department of household chemistry
  •  Logistics Department
Company Uniqueness:
  •  Innovations
  •  The best ration of quality-price
  •  Just in time delivery (Just in Time)
Number of employees:
  •  More than 200 employees
  •  15 applied-research technologists
  •  More than 1200 items of ingredients and raw materials
The spiritual mission of the company «EUROSNAB»
«To ensure European quality of life, by means of the ingredients of the European quality»
Quality of life depends on quality of products we consume, and the quality of product depends on the quality of ingredients used in the production of these products. The European Quality of Life – Let’s create it Together!
Business mission of the company «EUROSNAB»
«Achieving leadership!»
  •  Leadership in quality -we represent only world leaders.
  •  Leadership in immediacy- the best terms of logistics.
  •  Operational Leadership – mechanism at minimum expenses
  •  Leadership in service - continuous improvement of service
The idea of creation of the company
The success of our company was achieved together with the team formation of professional energetic people, who were united by one purpose - to help our customers to produce qualitative high-tech products, which due to use of new technologies, will be able to compete in terms of quality, cost, technology not only with European, but also with international food manufacturers.
First, leadership in quality we represent only the world’s leaders, leaders in its segment - this enables us to guarantee our customers the highest and mainly the stable quality.
Second, the leadership in immediacy – the best terms of logistics, the control system is built in such a way that we count not the number of days for delivery, but the number of hours, and every time we try to optimize and reduce time expenses.
Third, operational leadership – mechanism at minimum expenses, our financial system is built in such a way that each time we reduce costs and our prices become more attractive.
Fourth, the continuous improvement of service – new ideas, technological and marketing support.
The European quality of life, let’s create it together!
The main goals of the company «EUROSNAB» – to provide manufacturers with new ideas, technological support, marketing strategy, from the best experts in this sector, as well as supply them with raw materials and ingredients of European quality in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.
The company has its own quality standard « EUROSNAB STANDARD», it corresponds to observance of the following principles:
The European quality of life, let’s create it together!